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Echo CATT Academy

Learn. Laugh. Lead.


My name is Diane Kettering, and I am the Founder of Echo CATT Academy. I have been in the sales industry for over 30 years. 20 of it as a Real Estate Professional. Even though my sales career has been fulfilling, I always seem to gravitate towards the training side of Real Estate. Encouraging team members to find their gifts and reach their goals has always been a passion of mine. While attending various workshops on team building, culture, and interactive play, I discovered a fun and effective way to enhance the learning experience. Of course partnering with the right professionals is key. 


We believe that learning should be fun. Students retain information better when activities are engaging and thought-provoking. Our vision is to offer Real Estate professionals, and all those in the industry, an array of  interesting and relevant subjects fitting to the everyday activities of our trade. In doing so, Echo CATT Academy will sometimes partner with experts who will enhance the way you do business. Together, we are better.

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